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Accelerating Growth Through Strategic Marketing

As a business leader, you're no stranger to the intricacies of marketing. From digital campaigns to brand positioning, the landscape is vast. Kelly brings clarity to these complexities, ensuring your marketing is not only effective but also aligned with your vision. With her expertise, you'll gain a strategic partner who offers actionable insights, data-driven strategies, and a commitment to driving growth.

I empower business leaders by turning their marketing challenges into a competitive advantage.

I'm Kelly Bosetti Primeau

And I'm dedicated to amplifying your marketing success.

Throughout my journey as the founder and CEO of an award-winning, multi-7-figure marketing and advertising agency, I've faced challenges, heard doubts, and navigated the ever-evolving landscape. Whether it was "that strategy won't work" as a marketing innovator, "you're too ambitious" as an entrepreneur, or "we've tried that before" as a leader, I've consistently proven the naysayers wrong.

With more than two decades of experience spearheading successful marketing campaigns and guiding businesses, I've seen the challenges you face. The ever-changing marketing terrain, the decisions that keep you up at night, the desire to achieve more. That's where I come in. My mission? To stand by your side, offering the expertise and strategies that turn those challenges into opportunities. Together, we'll not only navigate the marketing maze but also set the pace for others to follow.

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Don't take my word for it...

"Kelly brings so much to the party, including a deep understanding of marketing, a passion for teaching and sharing that knowledge and insight, business acumen that has propelled her clients to greater effectiveness and profitability and a hunger to serve others and help them hit their goals.

If you’re looking for a partner, I can’t recommend Kelly and her team more!"

Drew McLellan
CEO, Agency Management Institute

"Kelly brings a can-do attitude and get it done approach to the business and science of advertising and marketing. I appreciate that Kelly focuses on setting goals and getting results.

Her creative strategies and ability to get things done resulted in TBBA's largest ever home buyer fund raising and marketing/advertising program."

Gerald Cyr
Regional Director Land Acquisition (FL) and former TBBA Board Member

"Kelly and her team have always proven to be great business partners by getting truly involved with the goals, mind-set and objectives of their client's and their project(s).

Kelly and her company always provide solid professionalism, are detail-oriented and results-driven all with a fresh creative approach."

Janice Snow
Marketing Director, Neal Land & Neighborhoods 
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Join Kelly as she unravels the real-world challenges and triumphs of modern marketing. Real stories, actionable insights, and a fresh perspective on what it truly takes to lead in today's business world.

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Ever wondered what sets the marketing leaders apart? Dive into the first chapter of 'Fearless Marketing: No Nonsense Strategies to Build an Unstoppable Business.' Kelly shares her insights, strategies, and the bold approach that's shaped her success.

Download the first chapter for a sneak peek into her fearless marketing strategies.

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